Original Logo Design

Logo design – is this plagiarism at its most blatant?

Original Logo Design

Serious questions have been raised about plagiarism in logo design with the unveiling of the newest branch of the United States military services logo.

On the one hand, Donald Trump's Space Force logo gives an open nod to Star Trek's badge, perhaps reflecting Trump's refusal to grow up. It has also fulfilled very marketers quest to gain attention to the launch of not just the logo, but the introduction of a Space Force. Job done.

On the other hand the Space Force logo design closely resembles the Star Trek badge, (seen on the right in the image), raising the question was this just openly copied. The Space Force logo design takes many common elements relating to, well, er, 'space'. The pointed, arrow-like craft shape, a planet, orbiting satellite and of course a sprinkling of stars. Elements that you can argue are necessary in the design of any space-related logo. But surely a good creative designer will push the boundaries to try and use more clever, inventive imagery helping to create a more distinctive and memorable logo design?

I struggle with the design of this logo, both with it's slightly dated feel in the design elements and what to me looks like blatant plagiarism. The planet looks like a hark back to the old Pan Am logo, the sprinkling of stars a little child-like and the serif typography around the logo simply dated and weak.

To be honest I wish they had boldly gone and  just asked the owners of the Star Trek legacy if they could just use their logo. It's much clearer, distinctive and even futuristic.

Beam me up Scotty!


Check out Design Week's article 'The United States Space Force logo deconstructed' https://buff.ly/2O30oNW

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Seahaven Business Awards 2020

Proud sponsors of Business of the Year, Seahaven Business Awards 2020

Proud Sponsors of the Business of the Year trophy, Seahaven Business Awards 2020!

We’re delighted to announce that we are proud sponsors of the Business of the Year trophy, in the Seahaven Business Awards 2020 which will take place on the 15th May at the Awards Ceremony & Dinner.

The Seahaven Business Awards are a unique event created to celebrate professionalism, creativity, innovation and business excellence across Newhaven, Seaford and Peacehaven.

Now in its 17th year the awards have grown to become one of most anticipated south coast business events of the year.

The awards recognise businesses of all sizes that have achieved success and that are setting standards in any of the judged categories. We are particularly excited to see a number of our customers have been nominated across multiple categories.

We are also proud to have created the branding for this year's awards campaign across digital and printed media.

Over 100 business people will be in attendance on the night and we will be heading along too to celebrate their successes. We have been supporters of the awards over several years and look forward to the Awards ceremony, it will be a great opportunity for us to meet new faces within the Seahaven area.

We can’t wait to see what the evening holds.

Good luck to all the finalists!