What would make a difference in marketing for my small business?

Make a difference with marketing for small businesses

What would make a difference in marketing for my small business? Let's explore actionable tips to boost your marketing game and drive…

Do i need a website for my business

Do I need a website for my business?

Overall, having a website is crucial for any business looking to establish an online presence, attract more customers, and grow its…

Why are dogs so popular in marketing?

Why are dogs so popular in marketing?

Have you ever noticed just how many dogs are featured in marketing? Did you know that 26% of the UK adult population have a dog?

Design by Trifle - Platinum Jubilee Lemon Swiss Roll Amaretti Trifle

Platinum Jubilee Trifle. No, really!

Every once in awhile we like to take a step away from design and look at the other things in life.

Electric Bike vehicle livery design

Electric Bike Livery Design

If you have a company car, delivery van or better still an Electric Bike then it pays to consider using signage to advertise your services.

Using gamification in your marketing strategy

Gamification in your marketing strategy

The term ‘gamification’ is is widely used these days  It’s also something that we’ve noticed is cropping up in conversation with our…

Marketing your business – 5 things to do now

5 things you can do now to improve the foundations and building blocks for marketing your business or organisation.

Online Productivity Apps Trell Mural

What online productivity apps have helped you?

What online prouductivity apps have helped you and what in particular do you like about them?

Craft beer label design Surrey Sussex

Shine on you crazy ruby

Dressed in my PJs and listening to a bit of Dave Gilmour while brewing a ruby ale in the Coronavirus lockdown. What name am I gonna give to…

Zoom Branded Virtual Backgrounds

Branded virtual background in Zoom

Create a branded virtual background in Zoom – are you missing a marketing opportunity to keep your branding in sight and mind at online…

Original Logo Design

Logo design – is this plagiarism at its most blatant?

Serious questions have been raised about plagiarism in logo design with the unveiling of the newest branch of the United States military…

Seahaven Business Awards 2020

Proud sponsors of Business of the Year, Seahaven Business Awards 2020

We’re delighted to announce that we are proud sponsors of the Business of the Year trophy, in the Seahaven Business Awards 2020.

Marketing plan for business

How to Form a Successful Marketing Plan

A good marketing plan is the pillar of any business marketing strategy. It provides an honest view of the strengths and failings of your…

Choosing a name for your business

How to choose a business name

Choosing your business name can be fun and an exciting part of starting a business. But there are a number of things to consider when…

Marketing Advice

Marketing Tips and Tricks

There are many 'tips and tricks' to use in your marketing to help get you up and running and help cater for your audiences. Here's 8 Tips…

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