Online Productivity Apps Trell Mural

What online productivity apps have helped you and what do you like about them?

Useful online applications (apps) that help productivity have been on the rise for sometime. Innovation, usage and development ensure they evolve constantly, not least in demanding times. 

Productivity apps can help make your work and personal tasks easier and more efficient to complete. Whatever your profession or sector, the right productivity apps can help you reach your deadlines and goals.

Two apps that have really helped us here are Trello and Mural.


online productivity apps


Keeping track of your projects while collaborating with teams of employees, freelancers and suppliers is vital for workflow efficiency. Trello lets you organise your projects into boards where you can see who’s working on what and where they are in a process. It’s a bit like having that project work board up on the office wall, only with this app it’s easy to invite users to interact and update. We’ve found it to be particularly good for workflow and project status. Being able to set email reminders or notes is useful too and the archive facility has also proved really useful on more than one occasion.


online productivity apps


Part of our work process involves a lot of brainstorming and mind mapping, particularly in forming brand and marketing strategies/planning. Mural provides a great space to visually collaborate online with teams, employees and clients. It’s like a digital whiteboard, very visual and allows for lots of sticky notes, charts, diagrams, lists, flowcharts, frameworks and drawings. Very straightforward in its usage, secure and integrates with other apps such as Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Slack, Excel and Word among others.

We’d love to hear about what works for you and why. In the meantime if you’re not already using these apps check them out: