Design by Trifle - Platinum Jubilee Lemon Swiss Roll Amaretti Trifle

Platinum Jubilee Trifle. No, really!

Platinum Jubilee Trifle, it's a winner!

Every once in awhile we like to take a step away from design and look at the other things in life. On this occasion, arguably, you could say this is still connected to design. Just take a look at the picture of the Platinum Jubilee trifle, those beautiful, colourful layers just sing out. (Just wait until it hits your taste buds). What could be better than Swiss rolls, lemon curd, Saint Clements jelly, custard, Amaretti biscuits, chunky mandarin coulis and jewelled chocolate bark!

So in celebration of our Queen Elizabeth II and by royal decree, let's get making trifle!

Download the recipe here.

Jemma’s Lemon Swiss Roll and Amaretti Trifle really is a winner, literally, and tastes divine. If you are making the Platinum Jubilee pudding over the next few weeks, Jemma’s top tip is that you can use ready-made custard. Try Jude’s Madagascan Vanilla custard or Sainsburys Taste the Difference vanilla custard, available in shops near you!

Congratulations, Jemma, on creating a pudding that’s certain to become a delicious part of Fortnum & Mason's history – and forever associated with Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations too. Discover this extraordinary trifle in the story behind its invention on the Fortnum & Mason website.

Of course if you want a little design inspiration just give Fortnum & Mason visit in person. We promise you you'll be wowed and astonished by some of the wonderful packaging design that they incorporate across their range of products. Doh! And we said we were stepping away from design... Of course we can't guarantee that you won't be enchanted by the wonderful selection of food and drink on offer, while a little expensive the quality is superb.

It's pure self-indulgence, but what the hell, we say go for it!