"Am excited! Have just bought the first tickets for Richard Durrant and the Fretful Federation. And what a great line-up for this year's event. Many thanks to all who've organised it..."

Grateful Seaford Live fan!

Seaford Live!

Seaford Live Music & Arts Festival

Logo and branding, marketing collateral, website design
We were delighted to be asked to design and produce a logo and branding for local music and arts festival Seaford Live!, as well as producing a website and various marketing collateral such as printed posters, leaflets, banners and signage. The resulting logo design and branding has become recogniseable over the last six years throughout the local community and across the south east with this successful and much loved festival. We also helped the festival trademark their logo to help protect the brand as it grows each year.

Newhaven Chamber of Commerce email design

We designed a simple functional website with a simple, updateable layout to keep visitors informed of latest nes, booked artists and information on the organisation itself.

We have also designed a number of printed posters, leaflets, programmes, banners and signage in line with their branding and that help to promote the festival each year.


Seaford Live Festival Programme

Seaford Live line up poster

Seaford Live!