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5 tips to help you design a great pull up banner standPull Up Banner Stand Design

Pull up banners give you the ability to promote your business and brand in a portable and convenient way, helping you to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

They are a great, affordable way to help you make a big impact at exhibitions, trade shows, workshops or even at your workplace as a great addition to your point of sale marketing.

It's important to get the design right as well as the information on your pull up banner stand, it'll help you create a visual impact, drawing interest from foot fall at any event. As an important part of your marketing strategy and a way of promoting your brand, product or services to a captive audience, it is important that your design is effective in getting across the message you want.

Getting this message right is crucial to standing out and the design of your banner stand will play an important role in this. Remember to keep the design and information consistent with your other marketing materials, i.e. website, newsletters, leaflets etc.

Here are 5 tips to help you design an effective pull up banner stand:

1. Keep your logo at the top

Place your company logo with or without any strap line that you might use at the top of the pull up banner. It will help you to get noticed from a distance and above heads at any event, while helping to promote your company identity.

2. Content information

Keep the information that you put on your pull up banner short and concise. Make sure you say what it is you do, try listing key bullet points to sum up your services or USPs, and keep any introductory sentences short and plain speaking. More information can always be provided on your website, in literature or indeed by your sales team or representatives at the event. Too much information will deter viewers from reading the banner. Remember, less is more!

3. Quality images

It's often a great idea to include images on your pull up banner stand as it will create a great visual draw to viewers. These can be images that you currently use in your branding, on your website etc. Product images are also a great draw if you supply products. If you use images of people, perhaps in the workplace etc, keep them positive – smiling, looking up and/or out from the image, not down and hidden, it'll help invite the viewer to investigate further. Make sure whatever images you use are of high resolution/quality, they should be 300dpi or more and as large as possible. Don't take images straight from a general website as they will be too low in resolution and most likely copyrighted. There are many websites where you can purchase high quality, royalty free images such as iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Fotolia etc.

4. Colour

Colour will help to make you stand out at events and trade shows as well as reinforcing your brand. Make sure the colours you use are consistent with your existing company branding. If you don't have many existing colours choose complimentary colours that are bright and positive while ensuring that any text is clear and readable. Solid colours often have good impact as opposed to patterns. Avoid using dark text on dark backgrounds and light text on light backgrounds.

5. Contact details

It is vital you put some contact details on your pull up banner, it's not just useful but acts as a cue for people to contact you. You'll not be able to talk to everyone at an event, contact details will give visitors the information they require if they want to find out more about your services or products.

Try to include your website, telephone number and email address on your banner, or at least one of these such as your website address. Social media addresses such as your Twitter handle are also useful. Contact details are often best placed towards the bottom of a banner stand but remember they must be clear and easy to read and don't place them right at the bottom, bring them up to knee height or higher or they may get lost in the roll of the canvas.


We hope this helps you to design your pull up banner. Pull up banner stands can really help promote your company or organisation, products or services. They'll help you stand out at your next exhibition or event but it is important that you get these design basics right.

If you think you could utilize a pull up banner or other exhibition stands get in touch for help with getting your design right first time.


Posted 9th February 2015 by Richard Excell

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